Effective Thinking with Dr Joel Wade on Unlock Your Wealth Radio


Dr. Joel Wade, Mastering Happiness expert, visits Heather Wagenhals again on Unlock Your Wealth Radio to continue their series on Mastering Happiness. Tune in this Friday, October 7th at 9AM PST on the Libsyn platform to hear Dr. Joel Wade answer the following questions:

How do we know when we are actively thinking?

How can we respond to situations effectively?

How do we stop the ineffective gossip in our lives?

Tune in this Friday, October 7th at 9AM PST as Dr. Joel Wade answers these questions and reveals how we can create effective thinking and why it is essential to mastering happiness.

Also in this interview Dr. Joel Wade reveals ways to positively vent your anger by offering advice to listeners on how we can control our behavior in situations that are out of control.

The Keys to Riches Financial Wellness Series from Heather Wagenhals logoThis week’s key trivia is based on last week’s Key: Acceptance and Affirmations
Learn more about this week’s Key: Take Action and Make Assessment

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