Li Schoolland on Cost of Freedom


Atlas Society was an inspirational week this past summer as host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio Heather Wagenhals met with Li Schoollandvictim of Chinese cultural differences during the Cultural Revolution. Heather Wagenhals started off this interview by asking Li “What does freedom mean to you?” And listeners, you will definitely want to turn up the volume to hear what Li Schoolland has to say about her Freedom now, as apposed to back in the 1950s when it was taken away from her and her family when she was a young girl. 

Born in the 1950s Li experienced the unimaginable as her wealthy family was financially robbed and vandalized from their personal items. Tune in to hear how Li Schoolland overcame this horrific lifestyle as a young girl and came to America, turning her life around and becoming an inspiration to others. 

Li Schooolland is the Founder of TFT Events, an author, columnist, businesswoman, entrepreneur and teacher who is dedicated to helping others find freedom and liberty. In this interview listeners will hear her inspiration, leaving you on the edge of your seats questioning, sympathizing and wanting answers as to why these horrific actions were accepted by the Chinese government and how such a strong individual has made an impact on others freedom.

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More about this week’s guest:

Li has presided over the longest running series of summer seminars of Austrian
economic scholars to teach more than a hundred university students for six years in
succession at Northeastern University in Shenyang, China (2010-2015). Next year
she is organizing the World Conference on Peace and Entrepreneurship in
Marrakesh, Morocco. Li is an author, columnist, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and
teacher dedicated to liberty because of her experiences during the Cultural Revolution in

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