Financial Planning Tips with Sam McElroy on UYWRadio

Sam McElroy, Co-Founder of @Financial and @Financial Investments joins Heather Wagenhals on Unlock Your Wealth Radio to discuss the real value of financial planning.

Tune in to find out how you can establish the behavior of not living paycheck to paycheck, but slowly increasing your savings everyday to achieve a sustainable financial future.

66 million Americans have zero dollars in savings!

Sam goes deeper into the topic of financial planning by explaining how one can develop the habit of saving something as small as one dollar a day, that will provide the drive to continue saving more and more everyday thereafter.

“Budget’s don’t work”
~ Sam McElroy on Unlock Your Wealth Radio

Listen to more on Sam McElroy as he reveals tips on how you can focus more fixed expenses and less on discretionary spending, which can ultimately increase your financial savings and accomplish set goals.

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More about this week’s guest:

As a Co-Founder and Managing Member of Financial and Financial Investments, Sam has always made every effort to go a step beyond your typical financial advisory firm by utilizing “client focused” discovery, planning, and implementation processes aimed at creating tailored solutions for both businesses and individuals.  In addition to traditional planning concepts, Sam has focused on the development of a practical, “natural consequences,” based approach to customizing effective solutions on an individual basis.

Contact Sam today:

Office: 312.767.9166


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