Student Loan Debt Answered with Brad Williams


Brad Williams, President of Brad Williams Financial Services joins Heather Wagenhals, host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio to discuss the topic several million Americans face: student loan debt. 

Tune in to this interview on Friday, November 25th as Brad answers student loan questions, which several million Americans are concerned about these days, including the life span of student loan debt and how one can financially prepare for the their future in student loans.

The key question to ask yourself and your children: Is the degree I’m going after worth the amount of money I’m going to spend? As the average student loan debt is $35,000, plus interest, that is a question you must really consider as you or your child enrolls into college.

In this interview Brad reminds listeners of the impact student loan debt has on your long-term finances, as this debt does not go away and necessary consequences can be taken if you don’t pay your loans! Find out those long-term consequences and more on student loan debt this Friday, November 25th at 9AM PST as Brad continues to advise listeners with his expertise.
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More about this week’s guest:

While he can be described as a personable and caring person with a passion for his work, Brad’s most accurate characterization might be “the consummate professional.”  His singular goal is to treat his clients “as if they were my own parents” and help them build a sound foundation for their financial house.  By any measure, some say, he is an advisor worth standing in line to do business with.

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