How to Avoid Holiday Overspending on UYWRadio


Heather Wagenhals, host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio advises listeners on how to shop this holiday season without overspending. Tune in this Friday, Dec. 2nd at 9AM PST for tips on strategically shopping during the holidays, and remember people are more interested in your presence, than your presents. 

Heather also advises listeners to craft a savings and spending strategy and write down this list so when you go to a store you are focused and relaxed knowing exactly what you need and not drawn into an impulse purchase. 

While shopping for the Holidays, only take a “chip” credit card that you want to use, taking additional credit cards will only allow you the opportunity to overspend or purchase unnecessary items. 

CLICK HERE for more Holiday shopping and saving tips on Unlock Your Wealth Radio!

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