Master Happiness with Dr Joel Wade on UYWRadio

Dr. Joel Wade, Master Happiness expert kicks off Season 30 of Unlock Your Wealth Radio revealing self-acceptance advice with Heather Wagenhals. Tune in to this interview as Dr. Joel Wade and Heather discuss ways to develop self-acceptance by offering their expertise in this field and revealing one crucial piece of advice on how you can orient yourself towards reality without judgement.

Dr. Joel Wade continues this interview by urging listeners to have an openness towards opportunities, as we all have challenges, it’s just a matter of how you handle each situation.

“Base your choices on what’s going to make you feel proud of what you’ve done,
rather than avoid trouble and remain unhappy.”
~Dr. Joel Wade

Take charge of your actions and allow your conscious to decide if you are living according to the values that really matter to the core sense of who you are, or are you putting life and habits on autopilot by just doing what you’re told and not thinking for yourself?

“Your brain is the hardware and your behavior is the software.”
~Heather Wagenhals

Tune in & master happiness with Dr. Joel Wade, as he offers more advice on the topic of values, behaviors and finding your core self through devotion and dedication and accepting yourself for who you are and what you want in life.

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This week’s Key: Acceptance and Affirmation

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