Prenuptial Agreement Benefits for Everyone

Prenuptial agreements can benefit all sides of a relationship and personal finance expert Heather Wagenhals reveals those benefits on Unlock Your Wealth Radio. Tune in this Friday, January 27th at 9AM PST to find out how everlasting love is not in the books for everyone, which is why it is strongly encouraged to sign a prenup and prepare for the better or worse in a relationship. 

In this interview Heather helps listeners understand that it is ok to fight for your money in a relationship, taking examples of celebrity relationships that did not work out with one-side of the relationship regretting their decision to not sign a prenuptial agreement.

Tune in this Friday, January 27th at 9AM PST as Heather dives deep into the topic of money and relationships, advising listeners from her personal experience of prenuptial agreements.


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This week’s Key: Knowledge is Power, Not Knowing is Powerful

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