Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Paycheck

Lady Gaga’s super bowl paycheck was no match to her stunning performance at the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show. The talented musician, who earns an average of $1.9 million per concert per night, was about $1.9 million short as she earned a whopping $0 at the Super Bowl. 

That’s right, according to an NFL spokesperson, when Coldplay and Beyoncé performed for Super Bowl 50, the league didn’t pay them either, or any other halftime artist. “We cover expenses and production costs,” she told Forbes.

Therefore, Lady Gaga’s super bowl paycheck was shown through endless advertisements and free airtime to millions of viewers.

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The costs are nothing to sniff at either. They can run more than $10 million, according to online news outlet In fact, Super Bowl XLIX halftime performer Katy Perry told Billboard that the NFL asked her to pay some of the costs, although she declined to do so.

While Lady Gaga might not be getting paid for her performance, she’ll get plenty of free airtime and promotion. Last year, 114.4 million people tuned in for the Super Bowl, according to Sports Illustrated.

That’s a lot of eyeballs, especially at a time when Lady Gaga is set to release a new album. The artist’s fifth studio album will be titled Joanne, and is scheduled to go live on Oct. 14, according to Entertainment Weekly. Should the album be a success, a world tour isn’t out of the question. And keep in mind that LadyGaga’s two-year Monster Ball Tour grossed $239 million (adjusted for inflation) in 2011.

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