Successful Money-Making Facebook Campaign

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More than one billion people are connecting with friends, family, colleagues and finding information via Facebook, so what better platform to raise money and expose your organization than this top social media site as your go-to Facebook campaign.

If you’re just starting to raise money or looking to increase the awareness of your organization then listen up as we have a few tips to help you run a successful Facebook campaign:

1. Be different
Users of Facebook scroll fast through their feeds so you want something that will stand out and be different from other original “donate here” ads. So rally up and use actual photos or videos of individuals donors will be contributing to and make it professional with a clear message like “help single mothers feed their children”.
2. Set up payment account
Facebook’s fundraising options are set in the tools nonprofit organizations and charities however soon it could change to Personal Fundraisers where you won’t have to leave the Facebook site to make a payment. Until that transformation be clear where your donors are making payments, whether it’s using PayPal or money transfers, be up front.
3. Share
The more everyone shares the more opportunities your organization will have to grow not only in money, but in recognition to others who might be in need or willing to volunteer with your organization later on down the road.
4. Stay in the loop
Keep your followers in the loop of  upcoming events, past events and ways they can continue to donate. Even sharing articles related to the topic of your organization will keep followers interested and wanting to come back.
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