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Preparing for a garage sale can take time and much effort, but well worth it in the end if you are prepared enough to make a few extra dollars.

Here are a few tips on how to make a successful and wealthy garage sale this year:

1. Place Your Ad

Get the family involved and have your children write up the garage sale ad in your local newspaper or make signs to display on your street corners. Be sure to include the hours of operation and address of sale, along with a few keywords on what you’re selling, for example “baby clothes must go” or “household appliances”.

2.Get help

Continue the family affair or ask neighborhood kids to help out during the garage sale. They can put their items in the sale while volunteering to help for a day, making money and contributing when traffic gets heavy in the garage or the need to reorganize the clothes and toys.

3. Layout is key

Presentation actually matters at garage sales. Arrange the garage and yard by categories to make it easier for shoppers to move from one section to another. Also, set up the items to show how they can be used in someone else’s home, for example set those books on a book shelf you’re selling instead of in a box, or hang up the clothes on a old shower rod and organize by size. Also, keep the bigger items like washer and dryer or couches in the yard or at the bottom of the driveway, making it more appealing for customers to stop and see what else you have.

4. Create Ambiance

Play some music, set up a lemonade stand, or bake cookies to hand out and make the customers feel welcomed and want to stay longer to see what else they can buy from you.

5. Don’t Overprice

You could have gone to the local thrift store to giveaway half of these items, keep that in mind when you’re pricing items. A good rule of thumb is to sell things for one-half to one-third their original price.

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