Disney Movies Hacked for Ransom

Kim Suspects Momager Kris Could Be Mismanaging Her Money

Disney movies are the hit for all ages, but one fan could not wait their turn on a few unreleased movies as Chief, Bob Iger, recently reports hackers are claiming to have access to one of the company’s unreleased movies were demanding a “huge” ransom, according to US media reports.

He did not reveal which film had been stolen but said the company would not be giving in to the blackmail attempt, according to The Hollywood Reporter, quoting Iger from a meeting in New York with employees of the Disney-owned ABC television network.

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The weekly reported on its website — citing multiple unnamed sources — that Disney is working with federal agents and monitoring for leaks online.

Movie website Deadline identified Disney movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” which opens on May 26, as the target, without revealing its sources, while some film writers speculated on Twitter that Pixar’s “Cars 3,” due for release next month, might have been hit. […Read More]

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