Laptops Hiding Secret Keyloggers

American Workers Are More Stressed Than Ever

Keyloggers are malicious computer functions allowing hackers to track everything you type into your computer or laptop. Now you see why this can put a user into a very dangerous situation with their personal identity all over one’s personal computer.

Criminals or malware can see the passwords you use to secure your computer and to log into sites like your bank or credit card. They can see the personal messages you type into your computer and the websites you visit. That’s scary and, unfortunately, keyloggers are a serious problem that many people simply don’t know exist.

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Now, it turns out that the No. 2 computer maker, HP, accidentally shipped an unknown number of laptops with a keylogger vulnerability built right into it. The affected HP models include Folio G1, Elitebook, ProBook, ZBook and many others. […Read More]

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