How to Get Free Publicity

Learn to get $1Million or More in FREE Publicity Featuring Robert Smith Starring Heather Wagenhals today!

Robert Smith PR Guru joins Heather Wagenhals in this reprise interview to discuss how you can get a million dollars in free publicity for your cause, movement or business including authors, corporations, inventors, speakers, and entrepreneurs.

This top rated episode is great to take notes and learn from the man who garnered over $25 million in free publicity for his clients over the years.

This week’s Key in the Keys To Riches© Financial Philosophy

No Seasonal Exceptions


Listen to the PR guru Robert Smith, as he offers his million dollar advice on how to write the perfect pitch, landing you a spot in the headlines. This interview will air on the personal finance radio show specializing in a unique brand of financial literacy, airing every Friday at our new time 10AM PST

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