Stock Investing for the rest of 2017 with Analyst Jim Woods

Heather Wagenhals is joined by Jim Woods, 20-plus-year veteran of the investment markets operating under many roles and is a seasoned and active investor.

Jim is the editor of Intelligence Report, Successful Investing and Weekly ETF Report. He is also a regular contributor to the terrestrial Unlock Your Wealth Update, weekdays across America. He joins Heather to kick off Season 33 Nothing But Trouble and discuss strategies for investing.

Jim’s website is

Jim Woods and Heather Wagenhals

This week’s Key in the Keys To Riches© Financial Philosophy:

Acceptance and Affirmation

Whether we are starting out or starting over, we must come to terms with where we are in order to fix things. Dr. Nathaniel Branden says that accepting where you are, does not mean you approve of it or that you have to like it.

Denial is a warm fluffy blanket we like to wrap ourselves in. It makes us feel comfortable and safe. No one wants to be wrong or admit they made a mistake.

It’s scary to take responsibility for something we may know nothing about , your confidence might be shaken so this is where the affirmation comes in to help us build our confidence that we are capable of learning the right way to manage your money and we can be successful at it.

Key affirmation: I am great at learning and applying new resources for my money management.

Learn the Keys To Riches© Financial Philosophy for yourself right here.

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