Real Estate Investor Kashif Zuberi Shares International Investing Secrets

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Meet experienced international real estate investor Kashif Zuberi on today’s show with Heather Wagenhals.

Who’s On:

Kashif Zuberi entered the USA with more than 10 years experience as a real estate investor and developer, encompassing project design, planning and process enhancement and 7 years working for corporates in UK, Dubai and India.

Zuberi’s Big Vision:

Building a thriving Arizona and belief that the power of collaboration can transform an area of blighted buildings into businesses and residences, creating a true sense of community with international amenities.

What’s Shared:

Zuberi shares little-known insight into international real estate investment, who’s doing it now, and what opportunities are available locally as well as abroad.

Learn More with Guests Links:

You can find Kashif Zuberi at Caliber, The Wealth Development Company here.

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