Profitability Coach Mark Michael Lewis Defines True Wealth

Profitability Coach Mark Michael Lewis Defines True Wealth on today’s show starring Heather Wagenhals.

What is wealth? Who can have it? Is wealth realistic for me to achieve?

Who’s On:

Mark Michael Lewis, aka The Thrive Coach

Mark is a passionate author, speaker, executive coach, and entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in the Life Optimization field. Over that time, Mark has trained literally 1000’s of people, been a consultant for 100’s of businesses, and coached hundreds of individuals and couples one on one.

Mark partners with clients whose bottom lines are a function of their effectiveness, who are serious about making more money and having more fun doing it – entrepreneurs, sales people, service providers, etc.

Big Vision:

Mark’s goal is to make sure his clients Know Their Purpose,can Build True Wealth, all while Loving The Journey

What’s Shared:

  • What is prosperity and why is it important?
  • How do we multiply our ability to profit?
  • Are we leaving wealth on the table?
  • What are the 3 realms and 5 reservoirs of wealth?

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This Week’s Key:

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