Demography + Economics = The Future of Investing

Economic growth cycle over time are driven by people. essentially, people move markets. America is on the verge of an economic explosion thanks to Generation Y, aka the Millennials the largest generation to ever become consumers. GenY’s economic impact will be even greater than the one felt in the 1980s as the Baby Boomers came of age.

Who’s On:

Mike started his career in financial services for clients back in 1982.
One of the most well-known, well-respected financial advisors in the world, he is a frequent contributor for national news broadcasts, including Fox Business News, CNBC and Bloomberg.

Big Vision:

He works to build a solid foundation for clients, based on logic and patience in their wealth-building plans.
His rare combination of tireless research and finely-tuned instincts make him one of the more prominent voices in the investing world.

What’s Shared:

Combining the study of demography and economics, or “demogronomics,” investors can use hard data and statistics for long-term financial success. This fresh look at investing helps eliminate common emotional mistakes.
This is the founding principal of Truvestments, a Florida-based firm with a passion for educating investors. Mike Williams chats with Heather Wagenhals to dive deeper into the study of demogronomics and how it applies to the average investor.

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