Dollars and Cents of Divorce With Cathy Cathy DeWitt Dunn

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For better or for worse, January and February are some of the biggest months of the year for divorce.

Couples who opted to stay united over the holidays are calling it quits. Unfortunately, many people wait until it’s too late to get good money management advice during their divorce.

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Cathy DeWitt Dunn can talk about how to avoid some of the most common money mistakes during a divorce and how to ease the financial pain of breaking up.

Who’s On:

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Cathy DeWitt Dunn It is also a Financial and Retirement Income Planning Professional with DeWitt and Dunn in Dallas, Texas. Cathy is also the driving force behind Annuity Watch USA and Women Money and Power– two education and resource websites designed to help consumers take control of their financial futures.

Big Vision:

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), Cathy is dedicated to helping her clients understand the financial aspects of divorce so that they can make educated decisions throughout the proceedings. As a trained advocate, Cathy thoroughly analyzes all financial-related manners including tax consequences, retirement plan division, continuing health care coverage, and more to help build strong cases that support her clients’ best interests.

What’s Shared:

Join us as Cathy answers the following questions:
  • If a couple is considering divorce, where should they start regarding finances?
  • What are some steps individuals can take to avoid money mistakes during divorce?
  • What other financial matters must divorcing couples address?

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Check out Cathy’s websites

Annuity Watch USA

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This Week’s Key:

This week’s key in the Keys to Riches© Financial Philosophy is Knowledge is Power, Not Knowing is Powerful

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