Retirement Risks for Baby Boomers in 2018 Revealed Today’s Unlock Your Wealth Radio

Baby Boomers Beware: Planning to retire in 2018?

Whether your retirement date is this year, a few years down the road, or even if you’ve already retired, you may have some more work to do! Today’s guest Nahum Daniels will be talking about the hidden risks to your retirement and what you can do to prepare.

Who’s On:

Nahum Daniels, a Retirement Income Certified Professional®, zeroes in on the unique challenges individuals face in managing income and assets that need to last a lifetime. After analyzing his clients specific needs and clarifying objectives, he is qualified to offer a wide variety of investments based on an individual’s goals and tolerance for risk. He does this by using his proprietary Black Swan Client Portfolio Construction Model and conforming to his Ten Principles of Core Retirement Portfolio Design.

As a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, Nahum brings a comprehensive approach to the full range of tax, insurance, estate and asset preservation issues facing you today. He offers advanced expertise in multi-generational IRA distribution and Roth conversions; identifies charitable and other planning opportunities to transfer wealth gift- and estate-tax free; and brings a fully-informed approach to dynastic trust design, situs selection and tax-advantaged funding.​

Big Vision:

Nahum Daniels tailors individualized investment portfolios aimed at providing the risk management individuals need without sacrificing the long-term performance they want.

What’s Shared:

Nahum will answer the following questions:

  • We’re living longer! How does this affect our retirement plan?
  • How can we maximize our Social Security?
  • How does our lifestyle expectations impact our retirement?
  • How can we stay on track with spending and saving during retirement?
  • And more!

Learn More with Guests Links:

Company Website: ​

This Week’s Key:

Our seventh Key in our Keys to Riches© Financial Philosophy is Break the Budget

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