Jeannette Bajalia Explains Health Wealth Connection for Women

Jeannette Bajalia Explains the Health Wealth Connection on Unlock Your Wealth Radio starring Heather Wagenhals

Women spend a lot of time caring for others, but aren’t always taking care of themselves.

A little preventative maintenance can go a long way in improving our health and our wealth. The two are connected: a lack of wealth can lead to stress and anxiety, while poor health adds up to skyrocketing healthcare costs. Jeannette Bajalia works with clients to be proactive in taking care of both their well-being and their finances. She can dive deeper into the health-wealth connection and offer tips to keep seniors mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually whole.

Who’s On:

Jeannette Bajalia is the president and principal advisor at Woman’s Worth® in Winter Park, FL. Jeannette has written three books: Planning a PURPOSEFUL Life, Wi$e Up, Women! and Retirement Done Right.

Big Vision:

Jeannette and her team share a passion for helping women navigate financial planning with a special focus on physical and fiscal well-being, or what they call the “Health-Wealth Connection.”

Tune in as Jeanette answers the following questions for women:

  • What is the Health-Wealth Connection?
  • How is our fiscal health tied to our physical health?
  • Why is this topic so important to you?
  • What unique challenges do women face in retirement today?

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