Signe Thomas Shares Economic Insights About Women

Empowering women through economic literacy and advocacy programs, Project Director of Common Sense Economics Signè Thomas enlightens Unlock Your Wealth Radio listeners about the importance of economic freedom for women.

Who’s On:

Signè Thomas is known as a strong advocate for economic freedom and Veterans. At the FSU Stavros Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise and Economic Education, she enjoys advancing economic freedom through educational program implementation, content development, teaching, event planning, and organizational growth.

Big Vision:

Signè Thomas is heavily involved in promoting economic literacy across colleges and high schools, particularly by teaching educators from across the U.S. (as well as international center directors) in an online setting, and instructing teacher workshops in Canada. She founded the social enterprise Students for America’s Military, Inc (SAM). She has been recognized on a plethora of occasions for her philanthropic work with Veterans and active duty military. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Affairs as well as her Masters in Applied Economics from Florida State University.

What’s Shared:

  • What is economic freedom?
  • Are women winning in economics?
  • How are women faring educationally?

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This Week’s Key:

Key Two – Take Action Make Assessment

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