Kathy Kolbe Shares How to Use Your MO for Greatness

Kathy Kolbe, Master of the Financial MO joins Heather Wagenhals to share how knowing your “M.O” is the way to master your wealth in this reprise interview during Season 35 #WomensEmpowerment .

Who’s On:

Kathy Kolbe is the world’s leading authority on human instincts. She solved the riddle of how all people can be both equal and different in their creative efforts by identifying the nature of universal instincts that constitute individual modus operandi.

Big Vision:

Kolbe has been called Maslow’s successor because of her work in showing how the three parts of the mind (cognitive, affective and conative) impact the creative problem solving process.

Based on this seminal work, Kolbe was able to identify the algorithm for team synergy. After decades of research with hundreds of organizations, she was also able to author a comprehensive set of programs to assist leaders in making wise decisions based on a comprehensive set of human factors involving cognitive, affective and conative levels of effort.

What’s Shared:

Kolbe is also an acclaimed theorist, who discovered the four innate conative modalities, which she named Action Modes, and developed the only validated assessment of these instinct-based strengths.


This Week’s Key:

Take Emotion Out of the Picture

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