Budgeting is a task most people avoid because they don’t have a strategy.

What if there was a way that you could make budgeting simpler to execute? Would you do it? For most people, budgeting is challenging only because they were never taught an effective strategy for making it happen consistently and successfully. On today’s episode, we will go in-depth on two types of business structure for entrepreneurs to consider and the three things you must do to achieve financial freedom.

Who’s On:

Your host Heather Wagenhals and the Maestro of Moolah Michael Terry explore today’s financial waters with Heather’s proven strategies and biology-based approach to success.

What’s Shared:

Today’s Moolah Word of the Day will be a comparison between S corporations and limited liability companies and the pros and cons of each.

Heather and Michael will also discuss this week’s Key, Heather’s new TV show, and the upcoming FreedomFest event July 11th-14th where Heather will be appearing live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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This Week’s Key:

Practicing the 3R’s

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