FreedomFest, Quarterly Stock Market Update, Featuring the Renaissance Man Jim Woods

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On this Season Five Kickoff episode of Unlock Your Wealth FreedomFest is just days away and to bring in the new Season Five of Unlock Your Wealth Today and help Heather properly give you a FreedomFest primer, she has returning guest host and Top Market Analyst, the Way of the Renaissance Man Jim Woods.

Jim will give us his keen insight to the markets and discuss what has happened over the last financial quarter as well as a half year update and share whether the bulls are still running or are bears peeking their heads into the markets.

FreedomFest, the World’s Largest Gathering of Free Minds is being held at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada July 17th-20th. Jim and Heather will share WHY FreedomFest is so important and what to expect when you get there. Get your $100 off the investment of admission by visiting and remember to use Promo Code: UNLOCK2019


Each July in Las Vegas, the “world’s largest gathering of free minds” takes place. It’s called FreedomFest, and it is THE event for anyone who cares about personal freedom, constitutional rights, privacy, financial prosperity, social progress, technological advancement and the future of the country.
This year, you’ll join thousands of like-minded, liberty-friendly attendees as you hear directly from the likes of:
* Kevin O’Leary  also known as “Mr. Wonderful” from Shark Tank
* Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller fame and “Can You Fool Us?”
* Candace Owens of TurningPoint USA
* Stephen Moore Chief Economist from the Heritage Foundation
* John Mackey of Whole Foods Market
* US Senator Mike Lee
* Glenn Beck Founder of The Blaze
* Kevin Sorbo star of the Hercules TV show
* John Stossel of Fox News and Stossel in the Classroom
* Herman Cain Former Presidential Candidate
* And Many more
There’s Something for Everyone at FreedomFest
* Big Debates and Panels
* Anthem Film Festival
* The Pitch Tank
* A Full Investment Conference
* And Fun Social Events…
* Check out the Program for all the details and be sure to drop by the Unlock your Wealth studios booth along media row where we will be broadcasting live and you can be a part of the show.
Also, back again is quarterly co-host, top market analyst and freedom championing philosopher, the Renaissance Man Jim Woods whom I quote during today’s show.
Check it all out here at
Because you are a valued member of this audience, FreedomFest has a special offer just for Unlock your Wealth fans …just  Use code unlock2019 and get $100 off the full rate of $695. A great deal for a truly remarkable event.
Register Online or call the FreedomFest team at 855-850-3733 ext 202.

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