Nursing Homes Stealing Your Stimulus Check

Nursing Homes Stealing Your Stimulus Check
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Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility residents on Medicaid beware, there is an insidious new scam heading your way to separate you or your loved ones from your CARES Act stimulus check.
The first complaints have come in from Ohio with other states Attorney’s General reporting similar scams where the facility operators are forcing their residents who receive Medicaid benefits to sign over their stimulus checks under the auspices of it being part of their “Medicaid Resources.” This is false.
Here is the truth from the FTC:
” those economic impact payments are, according to the CARES Act, a tax credit. And tax law says that tax credits don’t count as “resources” for federal benefits programs, like Medicaid. So: when Congress calls these payments “tax credits” in the CARES Act, that means the government can’t seize them. Which means nursing homes and assisted living facilities can’t take that money from their residents just because they’re on Medicaid.”
If they have taken the stimulus payment already, go to and ask your local state Attorney General to help you get it back.

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