Mistaken Identity Matters Featuring Harry Abrahamsen

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Harry Abrahamsen’s Mistaken Identity Mishap
Unlock Your Wealth Today Starring Heather Wagenhals
What happens when your identity is mistaken for a criminal’s? Heather discusses a new facet regarding identity challenges and not theft or fraud. During this episode you will hear from past show guest Harry Abrahamsen, founder of the Abrahamsen Financial Group and he will share his personal story of mistaken identity and how it has impacted his life and threatened his thriving, award-winning financial advising practice.
Also, Harry shares some ideas to keep in mind as we ride the coronavirus economic rollercoaster.
Here are Harry’s Fast Facts:
  • Do Your Research and educate yourself
  • Understand where you are overall irrespective of the current financial crisis
  • create a tactical plan going forward
Tune in to grab all the details on how to properly assess your financial situation now.

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This Week’s Key:

Practicing the Three R’s
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