Number One Market Analyst Jim Woods Kicks off Season Nine Market Recap

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Number One Market Analyst Jim Woods Kicks off Season Nine Market Recap
Unlock Your Wealth Today Starring Heather Wagenhals
The financial markets, coronavirus impact, and government shutdown , start-ups, and selective shut downs all played out the last three months in ways we did not anticipate. Freedom-championing philosopher, number one market analyst and Way of the Renaissance Man Founder Jim Woods drops by to discuss all of these topics and many more.
Here are your Financial Fast Facts:
  • The regrettable cancellation of FreedomFest
  • How one can persevere in these challenging times
  • What to expect from the COVID-19 financially
  • Is it a good time to be investing?
Tune in to listen to Jim’s thoughts on the markets and living a rational life, now.

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This Week’s Key:

Acceptance and Affirmation
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