Personal Finance, Family and First Responders LIVE June 12th

Join me, Heather Wagenhals, LIVE in Goodyear, Arizona, for a special presentation at the Glitter and Guns event. This evening will benefit the Arizona State Troopers Association and affiliated charities Saturday, June 12, 2021.
Law enforcement is a challenging and rewarding profession. In the Arizona State Troopers Association, over 60% of the workforce is female. For one night, these women of law enforcement and their supporting friends and family gather together to enjoy a night out for the girls, a great dinner, and the opportunity to make new connections and learn from the different sponsors and presenters. This is all done to support the charities that the Arizona State Troopers Association funds.
If you want to learn more about blending successful personal finance, family management, and working a job with purpose please join us over dinner. Financial freedom is achievable, and veterans and first responders have their own particular challenges with successful money management. This evening will be an opportunity to identify those financial hurdles and learn how to successfully overcome them. Thus, allowing our veterans and first responders to create financial freedom for themselves and their families while risking their lives every day to protect ours.
Additionally, I will be speaking about the great work we do at Friends of Freedom USA. I am grateful to be serving on their board of directors. The mission, Empowering Those Who Serve© by helping veterans and first responders transition from service to civilian life successfully.
This will be an exciting summer of speaking engagements all across America. I am thrilled to be kicking off my summer speaking season with hometown heroes at the Glitter & Guns event to benefit Arizona State Troopers Association. For more information about the Association, just visit their website at .
If you like to learn more about how friends of freedom USA serves veterans and first responders, please visit their website at .
And to get $50 off your ticket to the largest liberty and economic conference in the world and attend FreedomFest July 21-24th, just visit to claim your discount code now.

And to get $50 off your ticket to the largest liberty and economic conference in the world and attend FreedomFest July 21-24th, just visit to claim your discount code now.
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